Expert Engineering Services

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OxMet is committed to making your high-performance components and processes even better, using advanced metallurgy, the latest simulation techniques, and a deep understanding of the factors that drive performance.

The company focuses on multi-scale materials and multi-physics modelling, prediction and analysis of fatigue/TMF and failure, and optimisation of complex manufacturing processes.

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, OxMet specialises in physics-based composition and microstructure optimisation for manufacturing and component design, embedded in a multi-scale and multi-physics computational platform. The company offers these capabilities as advanced consulting solutions for a wide range of engineering challenges.

Optimising precision and yield

Solutions for high-precision deformation control, intelligence fracture and failure assessment, and smart life prediction through rigorous fatigue analysis. OxMet’s engineers can model a wide range of manufacturing processes including casting, forging, additive manufacturing, heat treatment, welding, and machining.

Performance at every length scale

OxMet offers:

World-class ICME capability

Mutli-length scale models for prediction of stress build-up

Improved yield and consistency

Acceleration of new alloys into service