Expert Alloy Services

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OxMet is a one-stop shop for solving complex metallurgical problems. The company’s engineers and scientists have the expertise required to understand your alloys, from the atom-scale to the metre-scale, throughout manufacturing and product life. The company operates a dedicated 1000 m2 workshop/laboratory space and works closely with the University of Oxford and a wide range of industrial and academic partners to offer:

Alloy production of cast and powder alloys, including, but not limited to Ni, Ti, Fe, Co, Al and Ti-based alloys

Metal powder analysis (size distribution, morphology, flowability, and porosity)

Additive manufacturing of a wide range of alloys for small- and full-scale projects using selective laser melting (SLM) and laser metal deposition (LMD) processes; test specimens and prototype products

Heat treatment (air, vacuum or inert gas heat treatment)

Machining and EDM of test specimens and components

Metallographic sample preparation, etching and microscopy

Advanced material characterisation (SEM, EBSD, EDX, and more)