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The Inventors of ABD®
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OxMet Technologies builds on decades of research and experience with alloys and alloy processes at Oxford University and other world-leading research centres. Its mission is to design better alloys, speed alloy adoption, and improve alloy component manufacturing.

OxMet Technologies was founded in 2017 by researchers at Oxford University, drawing on technology and software developed over two decades. The company’s mission is to develop, license, and manufacture proprietary alloys, alloy powders, and alloy components for the aerospace, automotive, industrial and biomedical markets.

Alloys by Design®

Expert metallurgists at Oxford University and OxMet Technologies developed the Alloy-by-Design (ABD®) rapid alloy design and optimisation software. ABD® applies data and advanced physical models to stimulate the performance of millions of different potential alloys across a large space simultaneously, to allow optimisation across the full range of performance, manufacturing, and economic parameters relevant to any application. It can be used to choose the right alloy for an application, to optimise any existing alloy, or to design completely new alloy solutions.


OxMet is now part of the Alloyed group of companies offering a complete and synthesised process chain for metal digital manufacturing. The Alloyed group brings together Alloy’s by Design’s metallurgical expertise, Betatype’s expertise in design optimisation and process control, and full production capabilities of Alloyed Digital Manufacturing.