The proof of our methods:
our compositions

OxMet has already used its software to develop a range of compositions which promise higher performance than the alloys now in use.  See below for more information.

Our Alloys

Whether bespoke or off-the-shelf, we design for performance.


Nickel-based alloy for turbine wheels

  • Allow automotive turbochargers to run hotter.
  • Enables greater fuel efficiency.

Nickel alloy for additive manufacture

  • Delivers mechanical strength at higher operating temperatures
  • Printable without cracking
  • World’s first nickel alloy developed for additive manufacture

3 patented nickel alloys for turbine discs

  • The most critical component in both jet engines and industrial gas turbines
  • Single crystal technology for maximum temperature capability
  • 3 patents cover spectrum of requirements: high performance, improved value, improved corrosion resistance
  • Excellent early test results with proof-of-principle demonstrator units available

Nickel alloys for turbine blades

  • Allows hotter and/or longer operation of turbine blades in jet engines and industrial gas turbines.

Titanium alloy for 3D printing

  • Greater elasticity than current implants
  • Stiffness matched to that of bone, reducing stress shielding and wear on surrounding bone
  • Printable into lattice structures which promote Osseo integration

Case Study

Balancing high performance with cost efficiency in the automotive industry

Turbo Engine

The Challenge

Turbochargers in vehicles currently use two alloy materials for the production of turbine wheels that effect the speed at which a car can travel. One that is high performing and more expensive to produce and the other which has a lower specification but is more cost effective. OxMet Technologies was set the challenge of achieving both for a leading manufacturer.

Alloy by Design

Our 'Alloy by Design' Solution

Using our proprietary software and Alloy by Design solution we carried out multiple tests to understand the composition of the highest performing alloy against cost effectiveness. However, in order to ensure the most optimised performance we also tested against variables that included fatigue resistance, oxidation and castability amongst others. We produced our own turbine wheels to test the capabilities of the alloys and to deepen our understanding of the application requirements.

The Outcome

Delivering excellence for our customers

After consultation with our customer we then created a second generation of alloys. Our application-led approach means that we are flexible to adapt our compositions to the subtle configurations of their performance requirements. Our approach has enabled our customer, a turbine wheel manufacturer, to customise their product to the highest performance requirements of car manufacturers at the most cost effective price point. This allows them to not only deliver a high quality product but to also differentiate themselves in the market.